I can be contacted by:
Phone- 508-863-0464                

At this time there will not be any pre-scheduled classes.  I will schedule classes as needed on a first come, first serve basis, whether it is one student or 10.

Classroom sessions will be done on Sunday mornings at 10am, and on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm.  At this time I will only be giving the NRA Home Firearms Safety Course, which is a 2-3 hour class and is all that is required to obtain a license to carry in Massachusetts.  

I will teach a private class in your home, with 3 or more students, for a slightly higher cost.  

Classes at my location:
NRA Home Firearm Safety Course - $75.00 ea 

Private class in your home with 3 or more students:
NRA Home Firearm Safety Course - $85.00 ea  

Please check with your local police department for your city's LTC and FID policy. Some cities are tougher than others to get a license to carry.

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